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Deerfield Country Club Weddings, Newark, DE – Esha & Kevin

This wedding was so cool!  The bride, Esha’s, heritage was celebrated with a Hindu ceremony, while Kevin grew up in different countries and went to college at Cambridge.  So an international bridal party and guests from Hong Kong to the U.K. and Australia all gathered in Newark, Delaware, to be a part of this special day.

The Hindu ceremony began with Kevin arriving in a white limo decorated with flowers, in keeping with Bengali tradition, and Esha was carried in on an Indian “doli”. This celebration was followed by a Western civil ceremony that I found so touching and personal.  Kevin’s sister, Jennie, officiated, and friends read poems.

Following that, everyone enjoyed a huge party featuring entertainment by Boston band Now and the Forevers, and on their breaks Indian dance club music was played and the crowd just went wild again, even lifting the bride and groom up on their shoulders at one point! It was incredibly fun just to watch, not to mention for the guests!

Carina from Remember This Day Events deserves a special shout-out. She handled the bride and groom’s clothing changes and the quick change of scenery from Hindu to Western ceremonies, which took place in the same room, with ease and grace.  She was just remarkable to work with, a real joy.

The florist, Mallavika Shah of Contemporary Collections and Finesse Florals, also did a wonderful job with an exceptionally quick turnover of the room between ceremonies to create the beautiful scene you see for the Western civil ceremony in record time.

And, as always, the staff at the Deerfield Country Club also deserve high marks for their impeccable service, and the Indian cuisine catered by The Palace at the Ben was absolutely incredible.

Although there are many photos here, we still have more to share! Check them out here on our Real Weddings page.  Plus, join us in sending lots of love to Esha and Kevin on Facebook.

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