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To two-piece or not to two-piece?

Let’s talk about the dress. It’s the piece of clothing that will arguably hold the most significance in your wardrobe, not only because of the abundance of photos you will have in it, but more importantly because of the memories and values that it will represent. From the moment a bride becomes engaged, to the moment she walks down the aisle, others will incessantly ask the question that everyone is dying to know the answer to: What does the dress look like? The enormity of this decision puts a lot of pressure on the bride to choose between a traditional wedding dress that will never go out of style, or to make the bold decision to surprise her guests with a fashion-forward dress straight off the runway. (Or perhaps something in between the two.)

Bridal couture recently introduced a daring new style that emboldened the catwalks of many Spring 2015 collections: the two-piece wedding dress. Incredible designers including Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang and Elizabeth Stuart defied the rules of bridal couture by altering the preexisting notion that bridal gowns be just that: gowns. Instead, layers of taffeta, tulle, and a myriad of other fabrics are being cut to show just a bit (or in some cases a lot, we’re looking at you Oscar) more skin.

While Vera Wang’s design may have you thinking, “No way!” or, like me, “Maybe after I work on my six pack,” the Elizabeth Stuart and Houghton gowns are appealing options if you are looking for a fresh twist on a classic A-line dress. It’s well known that brides tend to customize their wedding gown by adding a belt or extra lace and beading. They will also almost always have at least one alteration made to match the size and fit of the dress closely to the shape of their own body. In the case of the two-piece wedding dress, slight tailoring may minimize, or even eliminate entirely, exposure of the mid-section while still revealing its modern structure. Keep in mind though, that perfect accessories are another option if you are looking to add just a touch of tradition to an edgy look. Many of the models styled in two-piece wedding gowns adorn a flower crown that softens the look by evoking the innocence of a child. In lieu of this more bohemian look, a floor-length veil will often balance out the contemporary aspects of a gown.

We recently had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Lauren and Donald at the Hyatt at the Bellevue. Unknowingly, Lauren embraced today’s two-piece trend by wearing a wedding dress that had a separate top and bottom. While Lauren didn’t reveal her midriff, she effortlessly combined a contemporary corset with a classic A-line skirt that sits at the waist to create an original look that will certainly be remembered. Don’t let de la Renta’s minimal use of fabric scare you away from exploring new trends and making them your own. We love your style, Lauren!

Left: Elizabeth Stuart, Center: Houghton, Right: Oscar de la Renta

elizabeth-stuart-wedding-gown4 houghton-wedding-dress oscar-de-la-renta-non-traditional-wedding-dress

Left: Mira Zwillinger, Center: Vera Wang, Right: Theia 

10277557_741040965918440_3198558158928495976_n vera-wang-non-traditional-wedding-dress theia-non-traditional-wedding-dress

Lauren’s take on the two-piece gown:

Park-Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-City-Hall-Philadelphia-Weddings-13-39-23 Park-Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-City-Hall-Philadelphia-Weddings-14-01-31


















St. Joseph’s and Park Hyatt at the Bellevue Wedding – Meaghan & Matt

After bonding over a love for the Philadelphia Eagles while at Indiana University, Meaghan and Matt finally tied the knot on a beautiful summer day in August. Their wedding was a joyous occasion, filled with the love of many family and friends who were thrilled to celebrate the beginning of their lives together. Following a beautiful ceremony at St. Joseph’s Church and pictures in front of City Hall, the reception commenced at Park Hyatt at the Bellevue, where the Swagg Band (from Ohio) kept everyone on their feet late into the night. The stunning venue was made even more special by beautiful floral arrangements from Petals Lane, but needless to say, Meaghan stole the show in an allover lace gown by Marisa. She said the decision to choose the dress at Country Way Bridal was an easy one; after trying on only three dresses, she was sure this was the one. From everyone at Faith West Photography, we wish you many years of happiness, Meaghan and Matt!

Stitched1 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-12-28-31 Stitched2 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-14-28-19 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-14-33-44 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-14-48-26 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-14-53-11 Stitched3 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-15-12-49 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-15-30-19 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-15-36-35 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-15-38-58 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-15-50-18 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-16-20-45 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-16-25-17 Stitched4 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-16-39-13 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-17-01-39 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-17-03-48 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-17-17-02 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-17-46-34 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-18-22-59 Stitched5 Stitched6 Stitched7 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-31-37 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-25-22 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-20-07-10 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-21-15-51 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-21-57-28 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-21-23-04 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-21-27-57 Stitched8 Hyatt-at-the-Bellevue-Old-St-Joes-Weddings-Philadelphia-20-44-20

Hyatt at the Bellevue Weddings, Philadelphia PA – Kelly & Ian

This wedding is very special to Faith West Photography!  Not just because Kelly and Ian are so wonderful, but because it is the debut wedding of Nathan for Faith West! Nathan is a very accomplished wedding photographer in his own right who will be joining Faith shooting luxury weddings full time starting in 2015.  Don’t worry, Laura, Rachel or Jessica will still be available as main photographers as well, and we’ll let you know all of their exciting details soon!

We are forever grateful to all of the amazing couples who have given us such love and success over the years, and we are so excited to introduce new photographers and updated package options to our offerings at Faith West Photography.

But enough about us, let me tell you all about Kelly and Ian’s big day!  Kelly tried on 3 dresses before that and her sister found that one on a sample sale by designer Nicole Miller (who even has a store inside the Bellevue!). She looked simply gorgeous in her fitted gown, and Ian’s suit was the perfect compliment to his bride.

After a romantic “first look” on a terrace at the Hyatt at the Bellevue we took advantage of our prime Center City Philadelphia location and took some portraits along Broad Street before a touching ceremony back inside.  From there the party got started with delicious food, music handpicked by the couple and lots of heartfelt toasts and tributes.  We snuck out for a classic City Hall shot before sending off the lovebirds with our well-wishes.

009_Banhsen_0607141 025_Banhsen_060714 064_Banhsen_0607141 080_Banhsen_0607141 104_Banhsen_060714 118_Banhsen_0607141 166_Banhsen_060714 183_Banhsen_0607141 192_Banhsen_060714 225_Banhsen_0607141 230_Banhsen_060714 330_Banhsen_060714 332_Banhsen_060714 377_Banhsen_060714 457_Banhsen_060714 473_Banhsen_060714 494_Banhsen_060714 500_Banhsen_0607141 523_Banhsen_060714 524_Banhsen_060714 527_Banhsen_060714 577_Banhsen_060714 598_Banhsen_0607141 633_Banhsen_060714 639_Banhsen_060714 687_Banhsen_060714 894_Banhsen_0607141

Crystal Tea Rooms Weddings, Philadelphia Water Works Weddings, Philadephia, PA – Eve & Matt

This gorgeous couple was a pleasure to work with! Eve and Matt met through med school and college friends (now part of the bridal party!) – it was one of those chance things that turned into love and the chance to celebrate love on a beautiful day.

Eve wore an Allure gown from Tesi Bridal Salon in Northfield, New Jersey and floral decor by Beautiful Blooms Events were the perfect compliment to the whole day! Our favorite is probably the chuppa at the Philadelphia Water Works that they were married under.

The amazing reception at the Crystal Tea Room was nothing short of spectacular and the guests loved the music by the Midnight Hour.

Join us in celebrating these two lovebirds! Wishing you all the best Eve and Matt!

Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-32-30 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-37-04 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-39-42 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-45-00 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-46-41 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-49-29 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-50-43 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-55-20 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-55-45 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-15-42-38 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-15-48-14 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-15-55-54 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-09-38 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-10-11 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-22-49 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-28-45 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-37-09 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-38-42 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-47-21 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-53-19 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-17-03-10 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-17-43-41 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-02-09 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-03-35 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-32-06 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-33-30 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-45-24 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-46-29 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-20-29-52 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-21-26-23 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-21-42-17 Crystal Tea Room Wedding Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-21-47-43 Crystal Tea Room Weddings Water Work Weddings Philadelphia-04 Crystal Tea Room Weddings Water Works Wedding Philadelphia-03 Crystal Tea Room Weddings Water Works Weddings Philadelphia-01 Crystal Tea Room Weddings Water Works Weddings Philadelphia-02 Crystal Tea Room Weddings Water Works Weddings Philadelphia-05

Artesano Iron Works Weddings, Philadelphia, PA – Erin & Andy

The lovely Erin and Andy met in medical residency in the Washington, DC area. He’s an oral surgeon and was on rotation when a patient landed him in her dermatology department. She thought he was cute, he knew she was cute, and the rest…Well here’s their wedding!

They were both on active duty in the military for their school residency, so they quickly married in early 2012, but they haven’t been stationed in the same city at all since then!  Erin was in Afghanistan and now she’s in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.  Andy was on a ship in the Middle East and now he’s in Norfolk, Virginia. However, by next summer they’ll finally be able to be together permanently.  Our armed service people make such sacrifices for us every day – I never even considered this side of things!

Erin’s family made her beautiful bouquet, which complimented her romantic lace Matthew Christopher gown from Van Cleve.  Andy looked very handsome in his dress uniform, of course, and the whole day at the unique Artesano Iron Works was one filled with joy and love.  We were so very happy to celebrate  this very special couple!

Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-56-48 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-14-56-49 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-15-37-55 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-15-38-08 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-15-38-09 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-15-45-58 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-01-24 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-01-25 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-47-08 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-16-47-13 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-17-26-46 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-17-29-39 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-17-37-29 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-17-48-47 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-17-48-58 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-17-49-49 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-17-59-17 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-17-59-48 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-02-27 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-03-14 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-23-04 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-26-00 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-18-32-13 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-19-14-11 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-19-31-45 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-19-32-33 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-19-32-34 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-19-37-40 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-20-30-47 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-20-30-48 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-21-05-40 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-21-05-41 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-21-15-34 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-22-06-40 Artesano Iron Works Wedding Philadelphia-22-17-24

Pomme Weddings, Radnor, PA – Rachel & Micah

Rachel and Micah had such a lovely celebration at Pomme, a Peachtree & Ward venue in Radnor, Pennsylvania.  We took advantage of the beautiful grounds for some portraits and delightful floral designs and other decor by Sara at Beautiful Blooms Events really complimented the natural, organic setting and feel of the day.  Rachel’s ethereal dress was a Claire Pettibone design from Nicole Bridal.

Janis Nowlan Band provided some wonderful entertainment and a lively party after the emotional kettubah signing and sweet ceremony.

Join us  in wishing the new Mr. & Mrs. all the best!

Pomme-Wedding-01 Pomme-Wedding-02 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-12-40-53 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-13-08-03 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-13-44-54 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-13-44-56 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-13-52-21 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-13-53-18 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-14-59-19 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-15-34-49 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-16-03-07 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-16-06-56 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-16-19-39 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-16-36-39 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-17-15-05 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-17-18-03 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-17-22-57 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-17-33-52 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-17-45-49 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-18-24-14 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-18-28-40 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-18-29-25 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-18-31-35 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-19-12-22 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-19-54-22 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-20-07-48 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-20-18-29 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-21-46-11 Pomme-Weddings-Radnor-21-47-24

Philadelphia Water Works Wedding, Philadelphia, PA – Michelle & Paul

What a gorgeous day and celebration Michelle and Paul had! The ceremony and reception were held at the spectacular Philadelphia Water Works which is always one of our favorite places for a wedding, and of course for amazing pictures!

Michelle looked radiant in her gown from Bijou Bridal in Ardmore, PA, and florals by Carl Alan Designs were a perfect complement to the day (check out that chuppah!).

Friends and family got to enjoy the spectacular views of the river and Art Museum area, all while enjoying delicious food and the sweet sounds of the Wayne Gustafason Orchestra.

Check out this fun little collection we put together of this wonderful day!:

Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-14-10-30 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-14-13-22 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-15-49-21 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-16-04-59 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-16-15-51 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-16-58-24 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-17-00-36 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-17-04-20 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-17-15-35 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-17-18-54 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-17-28-21 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-17-32-19 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-18-05-51 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-18-06-00 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-18-06-40 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-18-07-43 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-18-11-25 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-18-14-29 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-17-41 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-23-04 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-23-16 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-24-22 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-28-13 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-31-43 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-38-38 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-39-15 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-46-37 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-47-27 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-49-00 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-19-53-12 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-20-07-31 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-20-24-02 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-20-29-32 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-20-29-34 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-20-37-38 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-21-10-31 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-21-12-03 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-21-14-28 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-21-53-23 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-21-54-34 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-22-01-11 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-22-02-41 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-23-31-40 Water-Works-Restaurant-Weddings-Philadelphia-23-32-30

Philadelphia Water Works & The Merion, Cinnaminson, NJ – Iva & Romeo

Congratulations to the lovely Iva and Romeo! This lovely pair, outfitted in a classic tux and a lace trumpet gown from Kleinfeld’s lit up the veranda of Philadelphia Water Works in a beautiful outdoor ceremony this spring.

Floral designs by In Full Bloom were a romantic compliment to the gorgeous dress and fabulous ballroom at The Merion, and DJ Vaughn from Silver Sound DJs was just the man to get the party started – friends and family partied all evening and showered Iva and Romeo with love.

Join us in wishing the happy couple all the best!

waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings12-32-10 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings12-42-52 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings12-45-41 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings13-06-36 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings13-07-20 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings13-22-28 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings13-47-15 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings14-01-11 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings14-16-21 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings14-17-01 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-15-51 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-19-39 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-21-59 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-28-54 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-31-19 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-35-40 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-36-54 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-37-31 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-38-30 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-40-42 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings15-57-11 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings16-01-20 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings16-23-33 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings17-56-43 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings19-25-22 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings19-30-03 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings19-30-43 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings20-24-21 waterworks-philadelphia-the-merion-weddings20-29-07

Ballroom at the Ben Weddings, Philadelphia, PA – Kristina & Jon

Kristina and Jon’s beautiful wedding day began with the bride, groom, and their closest loved ones getting ready for a beautiful ceremony at Haddonfield United Methodist Church in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Kristina wore a breathtaking Pnina Torne gown from Kleinfeld’s Bridal in New York City, and her bridesmaids wore formal black gowns with assorted bright turquoise jewelry.

After their intimate ceremony everyone headed to the city for a wonderful party at the Ballroom at the Ben.  The room was appointed with sumptuous florals from Carl Alan Designs.  Synergetic Sounds & Lighting got everyone on the dance floor for a night full of fun!

We are so happy to share some of our favorites and wish this happy couple all the love in the world!

Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 100 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 101 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 102 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 102A Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 103 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 104 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 104A Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 105 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 106 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 107 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 108A Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 109A Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 110A Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 111 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 112 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 113 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 114 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 115 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 116 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 117 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 118 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 119 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 120 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 121 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 122 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 123 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 124 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 125 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 126 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 127 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 128 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 128A Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 129 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 130 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 131 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 132 Ballroom-at-the-Ben-Weddings, Philadelphia 133

One Atlantic Events Weddings, Atlantic City, NJ – Nicole & Ray

Nicole and Ray said “I Do” at the beautifully modern One Atlantic Events space in Atlantic City this spring!  ’Maids and men in soft shades of gray, tonal white floral designs by Michele Tallent & Co.  and a stunning beach view lent a serene quality to the ceremony that segued into a great party afterwards – we were in AC after all! Nicole’s beautiful dress was a Justin Alexander creation from RK Bridal, and the conservative lace overlay came off once everyone hit the dance floor with SCE Event Group’s DJ Tony for a night of unforgettable fun with friends and family. Join us in wishing Nicole and Ray all the best! Congratulations, you two! One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-13-36-21 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-13-57-01 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-13-58-19 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-14-43-13-1 One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-14-50-11 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-14-51-08 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-15-08-07 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-15-10-42-3-1 One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-15-12-39 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-15-20-13 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-15-35-52-1 One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-15-55-20 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-15-59-30 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-16-47-29-1 One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-16-48-24 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-16-54-42 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-17-52-17 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-17-58-12 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-18-00-39 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-18-03-13 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-18-08-11 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-18-12-41 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-18-28-59-1 One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-18-37-03 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-18-38-42 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-19-37-12 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-20-23-17 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-20-25-38-1 One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-20-26-53 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-20-39-35 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-21-15-26-1 One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-21-21-58 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-22-05-33 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-22-23-20 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-22-32-15 copy One Atlantic Weddings-Atlantic City Weddings-23-08-20 copy